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[02/26/2008 - MingPao] Show Lo Likes Rainie Yang’s Glutinous Rice Balls, Female Fans Scream

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[02/26/2008 - MingPao] Show Lo Likes Rainie Yang’s Glutinous Rice Balls, Female Fans Scream

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:14 am

Show Lo Likes Rainie Yang’s Glutinous Rice Balls, Female Fans Scream


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[caption: Show was touched by the fervor of his fans in Hong Kong, hopes to hold another concert at the Coliseum.]

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[caption: Rainie Yang’s neon bubbles, Show Lo said looks like glutinous rice balls.]

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[caption: The petite Rainie Yang is easily held in Show’s Lo’s arms.]

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[caption: Getting hugged by her idol, Show, female fan excited to tears.]

Show “Xiao Zhu[Little Pig]” Lo’s two nights of his “Show On Stage” Concert finally came to a perfect ending two night ago. He danced very closely with female artist, Rainie Yang, it was very sensual. And besides making all his fans scream, he was also moved to tears by his fans.

Making A Flip, Legs Squeeze Pig's Waist

Show invited a 19 year-year old female fan on stage to be his “temporary girlfriend.” He held the fan’s hand and sat in a blow-up, heart-shaped seat. He put his arm around her and sang to her face to face, and then asked the fan to give him a kiss, which made the girl so excited she started tear, and when she got off stage, she walked the wrong way. Then Rainie Yang came on stage, and did a move where she did a flip and then used her legs to grab hold of Show’s waist, and Show then grabbed a hold of her and posed upright.

Rainie complimented Show calling him a “handsome boy,” Show laughed and pointed at her saying that she had a sweet mouth, and then poked fun of the little colorful bubbles on her shirt and said they looked like glutinous rice balls.
Rainie then jokingly asked if he wanted to eat them. Show then continued the humor and got close to her chest and said if he needed to sprinkle some more flour, both of them comical.

Audience in Unison, Tears Fill His Eyes

When Show was singing “Wo Bu Hui Chang Ge [I Don’t Know How To Sing] – A Song For You,” he was so touched by how the audience sang fervently in unison with him that he knelt down on the floor while he choked up in tears, unable to finish singing. He expressed that he was very pleased with these outdoor concerts in Hong Kong this time, and hopes that next time it will be at the Hong Kong Coliseum to hold 20 concerts.
Show said that in the opening of his first concert, when he ascended from above, he had twisted his foot when he stepped down in the wrong place, but he bore the pain and continued on. His left foot was swollen, so he visited a doctor and had some medicine applied on it. During the second concert, he still performed well without the audience noticing.

With regards to the news that had said that he was lip syncing in one of his songs in the first concert? Show smile and said, I’m happy, it means that I sang well.
He said that you can hear him breathing, so you know it’s live singing.
Before, he had been criticized for not knowing how to sing, but he’s practiced and hopes it gets better and better.

There’s a polyp growing in his throat, and is using Chinese herbal medicines to treat it, because they’re afraid that surgery won’t be good for his body. When asked about his recent blog entry, saying Chun Wu was his girlfriend, he said he was just kidding, they’re all just friends.

In speaking of rumored girlfriend, Jolin Tsai, had been tied into the “racy” photos scandal, he said that there’s no proof, so no one should be making guesses, it’s bad for the girl and it’s also unfair, very innocent.

Source: MingPao
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

【2008/02/26 香港明報】小豬愛楊丞琳湯圓 功搞喊女Fans







施展倒豎蔥 隻腳夾豬腰



全場大合唱 哽咽泛淚光





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