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[02/23/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Lo Forces On To Chun Wu, “Kissing” Pictures Exposed

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[02/23/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Lo Forces On To Chun Wu, “Kissing” Pictures Exposed

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:26 am

Show Lo Forces On To Chun Wu, “Kissing” Pictures Exposed

Show “Xiao Zhu [Little Pig] Lo” revealed his girlfriend from within the entertainment circle, shocking many of his fans!

Wanting everyone to bless them, fans laugh.

Tonight Show will be holding his concert in Hong Kong. Days ago, on his “I Love Super” blog, he had written and entry that read “My Girlfriend Exposed!” and posted pictures. Many of his fans were shocked and hurried to click in to read.
They never thought that his “Girlfriend from within the circle” was referring to the handsome Chun Wu, who is collaborating with Show in “Hot Shot.”
See how the two were “lovey-dovey,” and pursing their lips to kiss each other, the fans could help but laugh and say, “Hahaha, turning gay? But you guys seem to get along really well!”

Show was making stuff up, not only saying that Chun was his girlfriend, but also wrote, “He said that he only wanted to be my very important girl, out of the limelight, that quietly supports me. Next time you see us on the streets hand in hand, remember to wish us well!”
And even said that the gift that he’d give to Chun for Valentine’s Day is gym equipment, “so he’d have an even better physique!”

Upon seeing how Show and Chun are so close, Show’s fans used his album name to poke fun of him saying, “Show’s perverted nature really is ‘omnipresent!’ ”

Chun was randomly claimed as Show’s “girlfriend,” and his fans gave him the pictures. Then during filming, he purposely said to Show, “I heard that I’m your girlfriend!” Show laughed dryly.

Concert in Hong Kong Tonight, Doctor on Standby

Tonight Show be holding his first concert in Hong Kong. A few days ago during the filming of “Hot Shot,” there were 2 raining scenes, but the director reconsidered seeing how Show was going to hold his concerts, so especially withdrew the scenes, afraid that he’d catch a cold. This made Show very touched.

It’s been unbearably cold for a while now, but Show has to wear a basketball jersey to film. Everyday after filming, he’d rush home, turn on the heater, and take a hot bath, because he’s afraid it might affect his two concerts, tonight and tomorrow night. Besides paying visits to Chinese and Western practices, his manager also appointed a local doctor from Hong Kong to release blood as treatment in case he loses his voice or becomes hoarse.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

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[2008/2/23自由時報]小豬硬上吳尊 噘嘴索吻照曝光



要大家祝福 歌迷笑他色





今晚香港開唱 醫生待命


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Re: [02/23/2008 - Liberty Times] Show Lo Forces On To Chun Wu, “Kissing” Pictures Exposed

Post by chinesegiirl93 on Sat Feb 23, 2008 6:50 am

lol. Wish show good luck at his concert in HK Very Happy<3
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