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[02/22/2008 - Liberty Times] "Pig Stick" Come Together: Fight First, Manners Later - Human War Chariots to Show Affection

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[02/22/2008 - Liberty Times] "Pig Stick" Come Together: Fight First, Manners Later - Human War Chariots to Show Affection

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:41 pm

"Pig Stick" Come Together: Fight First, Manners Later - Human War Chariots to Gain Affection


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[caption: Show Invites Lollipop as concert guests, they rehearse dance together, but first play a game of human war chariots to establish chemistry.]

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[caption: Lollipop creates basketball dance, making Show laugh and saying that it shouldn't be underestimated. ]

Show "Xiao Zhu [Little Pig]" Lo is holding his concert in Hong Kong, with guest Lollipop [Bang Bang Tang]. These two will be battling out dance moves on stage. While rehearsing, their playful nature was released, before they were to compete in "dance" skills, they first played human war chariots, Charge!

Concert Guests, Playing Games to Establish Chemistry

Show will soon be holding his concert in Hong Kong this month on the 23rd and 24th, with the concert guest list kept a secret. The day before yesterday (2/19), Show and Lollipop [Bang Bang Tang] were at a secret dance rehearsal. Even though they're artists from the same record company, but their chance of collaboration is always a hairs away. "Pig Stick" will be dancing together for the first time at the concert. [note: "Pig refers to Show Lo as he is "Xiao Zhu[Little Pig]" and "Stick" refers to Lollipop as in Chinese they're called "Stick Candy" ]

Because this is their first collaboration, there isn't much chemistry. Lollipop is undoubtedly young, while playing games with Show. When they started the chicken fight, Xiao Jie [LilJay/Brian Liao] had Show on his back, while Ao Quan [Owodog Juang] carried Wang zi [Prince Chiu], with their bodies as battling weaponry, intense and stimulating.

Lollipop [Bang Bang Tang] Creates New Basketball Dance to Battle Their Senior

To create a new surprise, Show and Lollipop practiced in secret a "Basketball Dance." Incorporated with Show's humorous nature and style and Lollipop's silliness, the basketball dance doesn't include an actual basketball. The moves are like playing basketball, but it's with air. The dance consists of a fun, interesting ambiance.

During its choreographing, Show's dance skills are superior and his ability to learn is strong, so the basketball dance only took him half an hour to learn, and then he'd be able to execute the entire dance. This made the younger Lollipop boys exclaim, "INCREDIBLE!" But Lollipop aren't too shabby themselves, as there was a part for Freestyle Dancing, where Xiao Jie [Lil Jay/Brian Liao], Ao Quan [Owodog Juang], and A-Wei[Awei Liu] always danced a different way every time. Even though they're just rehearsing with Show, but it seemed they were doing it "for reals."

After rehearsal, Lollipop's Wei Lian [William Liao] was exhausted, panting, and sweating immensely. Lollipop praised Show, "Being handsome/cool isn't without reason. He looks good while he's dancing, and sweats very little, or not at all."
When Show was drowned in the praise, Ao Quan immediately jeered at Wei Lian saying, "So, Wei Lian doesn't belong in the 'handsome' category," which got everyone in an uproar of laughter.

Source: Liberty Times
Translated By o_ost1nao_o

【2008/02/22 自由時報】豬棒合體先兵後禮 人肉戰車搏感情




演唱會嘉賓 遊戲培養默契





排舞過程中,小豬舞藝高強、學習力強,籃球舞只學半個小時,就能馬上手舞足蹈,讓後生晚輩棒棒堂大呼:「厲害!」但棒棒堂也不是省油的燈,其中一段Free Style舞蹈,小傑、敖犬、阿緯每次都跳出不一樣舞步,跟小豬雖然只是彩排,但現場都像「來真的」。


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Re: [02/22/2008 - Liberty Times] "Pig Stick" Come Together: Fight First, Manners Later - Human War Chariots to Show Affection

Post by Killer_smile on Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:16 am

i dont think they need to play the game to get the chemistry, cuz i noticed that SHow and Lollipop are so close for some reason...espcially A Wei i guess.....i dont know i just feel this way and for sure there are alot of ppl feel that way too..anyway i couldnt wait the Basketball Dance of them...or even the rehearsal ..LOL....Do anyone know any other than Lollipop>>?
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