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[02/20/2008 - News Times] "Kang Xi" Life Show Shanghai Concert - Celebrity Dance Battle

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[02/20/2008 - News Times] "Kang Xi" Life Show Shanghai Concert - Celebrity Dance Battle

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Thu Feb 21, 2008 5:23 am

"Kang Xi" Life Show Shanghai Concert - Celebrity Dance Battle

[Original Title: Grateful Heart - Shanghai Concert" To Be Held Next Month, Barbie "Da S" Hsu Possibly Attending]


The "Grateful Heart Shanghai Concert" with Tsai Kang Yong and Dee "Xiao S" Hsu as hosts is going to be held on March 15 at the Shanghai Sports Arena. Besides revealing that Show Lo and Jolin Tsai will be performing, this time the audience will also be able to watch celebrities show off their dance skills, the event can be called a "Dance World Assembly."

"Dance World Masters" Compete

As one of the performing guests, Show "Xiao Zhu" Lo has recently come back from a pilgrimage to New York, receiving instructions from a world renowned choreographer, who has worked with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and many other big time celebrities. Last year, while he guested on a Taiwanese Variety Show "Kang Xi Lai Le [Here Comes KangXi]," Dee "Xiao S" Hsu [Hsu Xi Yuan] and Tsai Kang Yong had worked together to force Show join a competition of playing with a Diablo [Chinese Yo-yo], magic tricks, and ping pong. In the end Show could help but step down. This time in Shanghai, Show will exchange his role, for the first time, from a "student" promoted to a "teacher," and will once again, under the provoking of the "KangXi" duo, "pulling tricks" with newcomer Jia Wen. With the newly learned dance skills, he will be applying that live on stage to inspire new generation dance skills.

Being born the same year as Jolin Tsai, Lin Bao's dancing and singing skills have constantly been compared with that of Jolin's. She will also be sharing the stage with Jolin Tsai for the first time in a battle. This makes the concert a little like a large version of a "Dance World Assembly." It's been said taht the performances this time is mainly based on dance songs, all performing guests will be showing off their dance skills, solid performances. Besides Dance King Show Lo, and Dance Queen Jolin Tsai, the dancing singing sensual Landy Wen is also on deck. The three "Dance World Masters" share the stage. Hosts Xiao S and Kang Yong will be adding even more "fire" on this competition, during that time they duo will purposely try to give these big shots a hard time.

Barbie "Da S" Hsu Might Attend

The organizers disclose, this concert will have a secret special guest. As Dee "Xiao S" Hsu's memorable first event returning from her maternity leave, it's possible that Barbie "Da S" Hsu will come and give her support. If Da + Xiao S [Big + Little S] can share the stage, it will definitely bring in another wave of a typhoon. At the same time, Xiao S's good friend Fan Wei Chi and Jolin's management company mate, Rainie Yang, has also been listed on the possible guests list. But knowing that this event is based on dance, this secret guest has to show off their dance skills first for them to participate.

Source: News Times
Translated by o_ost1nao_o








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Re: [02/20/2008 - News Times] "Kang Xi" Life Show Shanghai Concert - Celebrity Dance Battle

Post by chinesegiirl93 on Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:48 am

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