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[02/19/2008 - Sina] Show Lo's Inflamed Throat is Recovering, Hoping His Concert Will Be Even Better

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[02/19/2008 - Sina] Show Lo's Inflamed Throat is Recovering, Hoping His Concert Will Be Even Better

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:16 am

Show Lo's Inflamed Throat is Recovering, Hoping His Concert Will Be Even Better Than Before


"How many dance shoes must be worn out, to be the most outstanding on center stage," Show Lo is finally fulfilling his wish of holding his own concert in Hong Kong! Titled as Asia's New Generation Dance King, Taiwanese artist Show Lo, in continuance of his "dance explosion" at Taipei's Arena, will be bringing his "Show On Stage" World Tour to Hong Kong on 2/23 and 2/24 at the Pop TV Arena. This also Show's first time holding a ticketed concert in Hong Kong.

In consideration that this is his first concert in Hong Kong, his record company had originally planned for one concert. But when they found out that the ticket sales were explosive and running short, they promptly added a second concert. At an earlier interview, Show said, "When I found out about this, I was really shocked. Adding another concert never crossed my mind." He blatantly said that it's a lot of pressure on his part. Besides being worried about the weathers outdoors, he's also afraid of the strict standards that his fans will give him. "My fans in Hong Kong are picky, But I have to save face. At first I wanted just one concert, and then get some feedback from my fans, because nevertheless my fans have to spend money to watch my concert. And since everyone is so supportive, I can only work even harder to show myself, to let everyone feel that watching 'Xiao Zhu's[Little Pig's] concert is worth it and enjoyable." With regards to words of ridicule, Show very calmingly believes that every performance has its critics, "searching for bones within an egg," actually it's like an incentive for yourself. One shouldn't think too much, just let down your guard and give it your all.

Show Lo's "Show On Stage" World Tour Hong Kong Concert has expenditures of over $1 million HKD. The original crew of 50 members from Taipei's Arena concert will also be performing in Hong Kong, even the dazzling props and lights will be untouched and transported to the Hong Kong stage. Besides all of this, there will also be new additions to the concert, like newly tailored costumes, new Cantonese songs, etc. As for the concert guests, Show isn't saying it, but he disclosed that it won't be like Taipei's concert, with all of them being female guests, but then again, it's not sure. From Taiwan's "Four Heavenly Kings" boy band, with regards to imitating Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, and the others of the "Four Heavenly Kings," Show has imitated them to a tee. Show said that if his two idols are able to attend and watch his concert, he'd be nervous to death, but he hopes that they'd attend. He also expressed that he has to sing a Cantonese song, and very jokingly said that Cantonese songs are really easy. At his concert, there is continuous dancing and singing for an hour, fans are worried for Show, whether or not his body can take it. Show said that being in the business for 13 years, 2007 was his most rewarding year, "My first step was taken later that other people, but I have to try even harder. Energy isn't a problem!"

Show Lo, who hasn't been able to sleep on his own bed in a while, had a very busy year last year; holding 10,000 people autograph sessions, holding ticketed concerts, filming idol drama "Hot Shot," filming commercials making him "omnipresent," releasing his new album "Wu Suo Bu Zai [Omnipresent] - Show Your Dance," which topped all music seller's charts, and held the #1 spot at the G-Music billboards for 3 consecutive weeks. Something worth mentioning is that in the album, the song "Wo Bu Hui Chang Ge[I Don't Know How To Sing] - A Song For You" in continuance of "Love*Corner" is a must-sing karaoke for everyone, holding a championed title in the KTV billboard, and top searched key word. At the beginning of 2008, Show's throat inflammation is affecting his work, making his staff and fans all worried sick. His work only allows him to cure his throat in the most conservative way. Passing through the Lunar New Year, with adjustments from his body, "Chi Gong," and Chinese herbal remedies, his situation seems to look brighter. Show said that he wouldn't cut himself any slack, so he's working hard to present himself in the best condition to thank his fans. He very happily guaranteed, Hong Kong's "first" will definitely be a challenge of visual and sound limitations, Showing world class dancing all at once!

At the moment, Show is still working on a new surprise, hoping that the concert planning, costuming, and performance would bring an unbelievable new punch! Besides this, by popular demand, Show will return to Mainland China for album promotions in March, to share his happiness with his fans. At the same time, as EMI Music has introduced, Show's newest album, "Wu Suo Bu Zai[Omnipresent] - Show Your Dance" will also be re-released in Mainland China, and the album will use a special, large sized, luxurious packaging, which will include amazing, valuable gifts, and Show's "Omnipresent" super charm and charisma. It will definitely make people fall in love with it, and will be Show "Xiao Zhu" Lo's New Lunar Year's Present to his fans in the year of the rat.

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Source: Sina
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

[2008-02-19 新浪]羅志祥嗓子炎症痊癒期待演唱會更上一層樓

“要踏破多少鐵鞋,才能成就舞台上的一枝獨秀”,羅志祥終於要以償夙願的在香港舉辦個人演唱會啦!有著亞洲新一代舞王之稱的台灣歌手羅志祥,繼去年成功 “跳爆”台灣小巨蛋之後,“一支獨SHOW”世界巡迴演唱會香港站即將在2月23日及24日在西九龍中天地舉行,這也是小豬首次在港舉辦售票性質的演唱會。



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Re: [02/19/2008 - Sina] Show Lo's Inflamed Throat is Recovering, Hoping His Concert Will Be Even Better

Post by ragehanna on Tue May 13, 2008 12:34 pm

i hope show can do a concert here in the philippines ~_~

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