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[02/17/2008 - China Times] Show Lo and Aska Yang Fight to be Taiwan Beer Spokesperson

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[02/17/2008 - China Times] Show Lo and Aska Yang Fight to be Taiwan Beer Spokesperson

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:21 pm

Show Lo and Aska Yang Fight to be Taiwan Beer Spokesperson


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[caption: Tucked in Show's wallet is a family portrait that his fan had helped him merge together. Whenever he has free time, he'd open up his wallet and look at his father.]

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[caption: After gaining popularity, Aska is intensely grabbing endorsements.]

Show "Xiao Zhu" Lo, the popularity king, has lots of company knocking on his door with endorsement offers. Earlier it was said that Aska Yand and Show Lo were in competition for Taiwan Beer's new spokesperson. On the 16th, the vice general manager of the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, Lin Zhan Feng, had expressed that they'd like Show Lo to be the Taiwan Beer spokesperson, together with original spokesperson A-Mei Chang, to bring in more sales. In April, Taiwan Beer will be introducing a new non-alcoholic beverage "Red rice brew," and they've confirmed that Xiao Jing Teng will be it's spokesperson.

Last year, Show Lo had a total of 14 endorsements, and as soon as the New Year began, there was news about his receiving a spokesperson invitation from Taiwan Beer. Show's manager Jian Cheng Jin expressed that as of now, everything is still being processed by that company, so they haven't received any further news.

Water Music, Aska's company, disclosed that there was in fact someone that had mentioned a plan for Aska to be Taiwan Beer's new spokesperson. But lots of celebrities are in the running, so maybe there will be more news about it.

Recently, Show has been busy filming "Hot Shot" and next weekend he'll be holding his concert in Hong Kong. Instead of taking a nap during his free-time, he's always looking at a picture in his wallet. People thought that maybe he had a new love interesting, but afterwards found out that it was a family portrait.

He disclosed that a fan had used a photo of him, his mother, and grandmother at his Hualien autograph session, and photoshopped his father in the picture in place of his grandmother, bringing back the warmth of the family of three. He said, "Even though it's merged together, But I'm really happy!"

Source: China Times
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

小豬拚楊宗緯 搶台啤代言人
〔 2008.02.17 中國時報 〕

[照片 ▲小豬皮夾珍藏歌迷為他合成的全家福照片,只要一有空就會開皮夾看老爸。]

[照片 ▲楊宗緯走紅後,極力爭取廣告代言。]






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