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[03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

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[03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:04 pm

Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness


People say that a filial child won’t turn bad. Even if this isn’t 100% true, it’s credibility is at least 98% or 99%.

Show “Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)” Lo is one of the male celebrities in Taiwan who is most renowned for his filial piety towards his mother, and another that can be mentioned is his good friend Jay Chou. The two of them similarly speak of their respective mothers often, no matter which performances or dining opportunities, they’ll have their mothers by their sides. Even in getting a girlfriend, they want their mothers “nod of approval,” before getting further into their boy-girlfriend relationship.

In chatting with Show about his mother, he was 100% cheerful and happy from the bottom of his heart. In speaking of work, relationships, life......he was more solemn, with a more serious expression on his face, carefully answering questions. But talking about “Mama Pig” he completely let down his guard, speaking freely, talking and laughing, which let’s those around deeply sense just how fun the relationship and interactions are between the mother and son!

Someone that loves his mom more than himself definitely won’t do anything to upset his mother. So in these years, whether it’s the gossip, scandals, or fabricated rumors, he wasn’t easily bogged down by them. He often times makes a sharp turn with these predicaments, turning obstacles into support, letting himself face problems without getting defeated. Making the headlines on entertainment papers, and “earning” lots of exposure, he then smoothly and easily passes through yet another obstacle.

Previously, Show was slandered by rumors spreading over the web, fabricating that he was infected with an STD. Unable to bear with the false accusation, Show went to the doctors to prove that he was innocent. After a little while of turbulence, the rumor then died and diminished. And with his humor, at the year-end party of his company last year, he didn’t forget to poke fun of himself to entertain others, saying that the doctor that spread the rumor was probably from Shan Dong, so he had a Shan Dong accent, he clearly said, “Show is talented(Cai Hua)” but was misheard as “Show has Cai Hua (STD),” when he said this, everyone burst into laughter.

Show had once said, a celebrity/artist won’t be liked by everyone. As for those that often make up bad things to attack him with, or those that patronize him, he said, “Sorry, you guys weren’t able to obtain the image you had pictured to see. I’m still healthily standing here before you guys, still working in this field. As for those that have attacked me before, it’s like I’m absorbing all your energy, I will become stronger and stronger than you!”

Feels apologetic and guilty towards Malaysian fans.

Since the release of his first solo album “Show Time,” Show popularity had been growing until present day, but what puzzles us is, he has never promoted or held any concerts in Malaysia. Having wanted to go to Malaysia for many years, he could only “see” but not “taste.” But his years of hard work didn’t go to waste, finally getting a chance this year to hold his concert in Malaysia this year.

Show said, “I’m always apologetic to Malaysian fans, having never held any big events there. They’d always have to go to Singapore or Taiwan to see me. Whether or not I’d be able to break into any sort of market, I really don’t think about it, I just feel apologetic and guilty. Malaysian fans would always ask why I don’t hold concerts there, but it’s not something I can decide. If no one asked for me, how could I come?”

Stressful work, Stern-Faced with People Around

In the entertainment circle, Show has many identities in singing, dancing, filming, hosting, endorsing, and also managing his own clothing line. No matter how far away it is, he has to travel the world for his concert tours. With a workload like this, even Iron Man wouldn’t be able to stand it, much less an average person! Busy with all his work, does Show ever think that he’ll collapse from being to tired one day?

Even though he looked tired, Show says that he’s not the least bit tired, admitting that he likes feeling “tired,” “I’m really happy to have all this work given to me, and I enjoy spending every day at work.” Where do you release pressure from work? “Sleeping is the best method, because when a person is sleeping, you won’t have to think about things, and you can face it after you wake up. When there’s pressure, I’d be quiet and calmly think about the problem, but my face will be really stern!”

Do you get angry at those around you? “Yeah! When I’m mad, if someone touches on something that I’m not happy about, I will get angry (Are the closest people around you the ones that suffer?) Mmhmm, she got it the most (pointing at Xiao Shuang).” Often getting innocently blamed, Xiao Shuang said, “Never step onto his land mines.”

The real dance king is Michael Jackson

Show is dubbed “Asia’s Dance King”; Hong Kong also has a dance king Aaron Kwok; Korean Dance King Rain. We asked Show, what is something that these three have in common? He said, “Nothing, I believe that in our hearts the only true dance king is Michael Jackson.”

He expressed, there are lots of dancing singers that have their own styles, everyone performs differently, “Whatever dance king titles, they were given by the media, the most important thing is whether or not the audience was able to enjoy your performance. When an audience can enjoy your dance, and can feel it, then I’ll be very satisfied. If you’re only going to rely on a title that the media gave you, but not the acknowledgment of everyone, then lots of people would think ‘Does he fit that title?’”

Show said that some people dance really well, but when the audience watches, they don’t enjoy it at all, and actually feels tired and strained, so that’s not successful. We asked him, when dancing, where does your biggest enjoyment come from? He proudly said, “What I enjoy most right now, is that after I sing fast songs, I’m not out of breath at all. Before I’d catch a few breaths, but now I can sing fast songs, and go into a slow song immediately after.”

Filming Drama, Leaving Impressions

Last year, Show missed the “Golden Bell” by a hair, watching his female co-star taking the award for best actress. When asked if he was planning on filming another drama this year in August/September to give all his efforts in a fight for “King of drama?”

I’ve never done things with winning awards as a goal. Rather than getting an award, filming a drama that people like is more important. Some things that win awards, people may not have necessarily seen them. So why not just pick to film something that everyone can like, isn’t that better? Winning or not winning an award doesn’t matter, when I get nominated, even I’m shocked, I’d say, ‘Oh! I got nominated? How did the judges notice my work?’ I’ve never even thought about getting nominated before, so being able to get nominated makes me really happy already.

Show said, frankly, what Golden Melody, or what Golden Bell? It gets forgotten by everyone easily. If people don’t mention it, people wouldn’t go and deliberately remember, but instead, when they see a good drama or hear a good song, people will still remember who starred in it or who sang it.

Mom’s Health is More Important Than Anything

Coming into the new year, Show’s wish isn’t to get a girlfriend, he currently doesn’t have that plan, his career takes up most of his time, so busy that he can barely breathe. He said that if got a girlfriend, he wouldn’t have time to take care of their relationship, instead of just putting a girlfriend aside, why not just get one in the first place, instead of getting yourself misunderstood or misunderstanding others.

“My biggest wish is that Mom will be healthy, happily doing things she wants to do. She wants to go out to see more places, gather with friends, happy, fortunate, and laughter.”

With his mom as his center, Show states that even if he had any sort of his own wish and it was fulfilled, but if his most beloved family members’ health condition wasn’t good, he wouldn’t be able to be happy anyway. “If Mom is healthy, then whatever I do, I’ll feel happy/fortunate, because I’ll already be satisfied and cherish everything I have.

There’s about 2 more months until Mother’s Day, when asked if Show always gave presents in past years, accompanied mom to dinner? Will this year be the same? Unexpectedly, Show gave a serious look and said, “On Mother’s Day, she should give me a present! Because if she didn’t have me, how could she be a mother? She has to say thank you to me!” After he said that, Show broke into roaring laughter and turned around to his manager Xiao Shuang and said, “That’s pretty cool!”

If mom gave a present, what would Show express? He continued to joke, “I’ll say you’re welcome, because she can be a filial Mom, Hahaha!”

Like many children, in his childhood, Show was very mischievous, he said, “Lots of wounds on my body were from my mom’s beating, YEAH RIGHT! HAHAHA! Actually when I was little, I often did a lot of bad things, and mom would take me to other people’s houses to apologize, it was after joining this business (showbiz), that I started to be more sensible/understanding. But Mom had once said, if you’re too obedient/good, she actually wouldn’t like that, because then there’s no interaction. If a child does something wrong, mom will get angry, scold, and beat, this way there will be interaction, if they’re too good/obedient, she’d actually be worried.”

The interaction between you and your mom is really good then? “Yeah! Everything, Happy, Angry, Sad, Cheery, We have it all!”

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[Show and Jay are renowned filial sons. He said everyone's way of being filial to parents is different, any son or daughter should do it. Don't wait until your family isn't around anymore and then cry about how you didn't do your best to be filial.]

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[Show likes to act cool on stage, while taking photos, he didn't forget to pose showing his handsome side]

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[Show says he often says the opposite to entertain his mom. When he'd go home, he's act affected and say, "I'm so unhappy today," Mom asks, "What's wrong? Not enough people at your autograph session?"]

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[Show doesn't care for a "Golden Bell King of Drama" title, he says that instead of getting an award, it's more important to film something that everyone will laud.]

Source: Sinchew-i
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Love 4 Show // [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

【2011/03/04 星洲日報】羅志祥‧媽是快樂泉源

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小豬自2003年推出首張個人專輯《Show Time》後,就一直走紅至今,但令人不解的是,他始終沒來馬宣傳唱片或辦任何簽唱會。讓多年前就一直想來馬的他,對大馬這塊市場只有“看”得到卻“吃”不到的份。唯小豬多年的努力,終究沒有白費,他今年如願有機會來馬辦演唱會。






















[小豬表示他常會講反話逗媽媽開心,回到家會假惺惺說“今天好不開心喔”,媽媽問“甚麼事?簽名會人很少? .]

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S.F.C. Family

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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by xiaozhu_woaini07 on Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:26 pm

OMG. This is just too adorable!!! No wonder I'm in love with him so much! Haha~ Smile It's really great to see he's doing so well and most of all, he's HAPPY! Very Happy Which makes all of us happy! Very Happy Very Happy

I really love the fact that he really cares for his mom. I mean, he's in the entertainment business, of course he's going to be super busy, but he never fails to talk to his mom everyday. I love the bond between him and his mom. Smile

LOL @ Mother's day. Hahaha Show! You're so cute! xD I would give him a present on Mother's day, even if I'm not a mom. LOL xD Hahahahah~

And I agree with him on the dramas. If it's a good drama, people will remember it and they will also remember who was in it. So in his case, 'Hi My Sweetheart', he was Da Lang/Xue Hai. Everyone fell in love with this drama. And I was really mad when he didn't win the award, but like he said, being nominated is enough for him to be happy. Hehe~ ^_^

If he's happy, then we're all HAPPY! Very Happy cheers

We should all be filial. XD

Thanks for sharing Stina! Smile

P.S. I wouldn't mind him getting a "Golden Bell King of Drama". Smile
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by rawrr101 on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:03 pm

He's so filial. His mom is his bestfriend. Very Happy Haha, his mom should give him a present because if not for Show she wouldn't be a mother. Haha. Laughed so hard there.

He's definitely right! Awards are easily forgotten but good dramas or songs are always remembered and being nominated is already an honor. Very Happy

Wee. That's why we look up to him and love him because of his personality. Smile

Thanks for the trans Stina jie. Very Happy
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by lzxslxz123 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 1:33 am

i'm happy that he's happy.. Smile) he's so filial Smile

wish he films another drama Smile
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by woaini_30 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:42 am

thanks for sharing Stina jie.. especially for the translation.. =))

SHOW is really GREAT!
that is why i really like him..

so HAPPY!!! =))

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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by mypiggy on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:22 am

he is right. i actually become his fan after watching Hi, My Sweetheart.

I know him as an artist for a long time, but didn't really give much of attention.

to me, his acting in HMS is really successful as his win my heart ~ he will always be my 'King' king

I'm from Malaysia so no need to apologize. we will always support you where ever you are.
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by lollipopbbt<3show on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:54 am

hm.... i guess most of us have similar stories Smile i became his fan too after watching HMS, and i also knew him for a long time already, about 4 years but i'm almost in my 1st year of becoming his fan. but it's true, a drama doesn't have to have a golden bell award to be remembered, HMS is a very good drama, not even 1 minute, it already made me laugh Smile HI MY SWEETHEART HAS THE GOLDEN BELL AWARDS IN MY HEART, AND SHOW IS MY BEST ACTOR AND SINGER TOO Smile though i'd rly love it for him to win though Sad i know he wants too, but i know he prefers the award in our hearts Smile
i love his relationship with his mom Smile probably the best in the entertainment industry Smile i'm really proud of him Smile i hope both he and his mom are healthy too Smile

P.S. Show looks so handsome in the pics <3

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Shanghai 10,001st Concert, the best ever!
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by freya1507 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:22 pm

thanks stina
a very good interview ... one with new stuff inside too
thanks a lot for translating ;-)

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by Rita8D on Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:15 pm

Wow, well said!!! he's too special!! ( I learn something today ^^)
whats the point of winning?more important that people remember you and how good was ur drama.
The bonds btw his mom and him is so amazing ( unbreakable) Very Happy.
and he joked when they mentioned the scandals, I guess he's no longer bothered by those news, which make me very happy. XD I understand about his reasons to get mad since he is 2 stressful and sometimes in a bad mood, he needs someone to release his angers...poor XiaoShuang X3
I hope he will held a concert in U.S 2 :<
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

Post by yu_chun_shan on Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:58 pm

everything was very well said by show in all fairness...
his relationship with his mother, his career, everything... Very Happy

one of the reasons why we all love and support him forever...
jia you show! tnx for posting this... Very Happy
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Re: [03/04/11 - Sinchew] Interview : Show Lo – Mom is the Source of Happiness

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