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[04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

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[04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Mon Apr 28, 2008 4:13 am

Idol Dramas Bring Business
[note: only the part regarding "Corner With Love" was translated]


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In "Corner With Love," Show Lo opened an oyster omelet booth "Da Tou Long [Big Headed Dragon]," after opening for just a year, their business has multiplied in Taipei's Shilin [Night Market].

Just how big is the power of an idol drama? His parents had already opened booths at Shilin Night Market, Da Tou Long Oyster Omelet's boss Da Wen Long said, "Before, usually we are brought business through cuisine news and food programs." In 2006, when the "Corner with Love" cast had called upon his door, he had hesitated, "Will an idol drama help my business?"

In "Corner with Love," celebrity Show Lo's grandmother (Played by Fang Fang) has an oyster omelet booth, the drama crew had asked Dai Wen Long to teach Lo and Fang to cook oyster omelets (One hour each), and then provided the ingredients for 6 filmings, and half a year of prop rental.

Originally, Dai Wen Long had felt it was a hassle, and then afterwards he automatically went to the production and asked, "In the drama, could Fang Fang's oyster omelet booth be called "Da Tou Long [Big Headed Dragon]?" The production agreed, and he hurried off to get an apron with "Da Tou Long" printed on it, for purpose of exposure.
This smart suggestion, also became pivotal for his later multiplication of business a year later.

Da Tou Long Oyster Omelets Became Immensely Popular

Before, his booth could be called "Corner To The Toilet" (because his booth was in the corner of the good cuisine plaza, and was near the public bathroom), but because of "Corner with Love," lot of people came around looking for this "Da Tou Long."
Da Tou Long was Dai Wen Long's childhood nickname. Ten years ago to pay off debt, he returned to the night market, going from the old market to the good cuisine plaza. There were 30+ oyster omelet booths, and because of this he named his "Da Tou Long" to attract attention. However, it wasn't until "Corner With Love"'s final episode, when Show Lo's behind the scenes of learning how to make oyster omelets aired, his booth really skyrocketed in popularity. The next day, people started to crowd in.
"At first, we only needed the labor of my wife and I, but now we need 4 people." After one year, Dai Wen Long has a deep impression of getting help from an idol drama. The highest record of a month's net income was doubling the original. When he was getting interviewed by the media, there were even customers from Japan and Malaysia that came specifically to eat here.
After the airing of the idol drama, even lawyers came knocking, and said, "You should go register the name Da Tou Long." This was all the effect of "Da Tou Long."

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"Corner with Love" was filmed at Jin Gua Shi Huan Jin Natural Science Park, its Japanese styled 4-courtyard was for Japanese mining industry dormitory purposes, and became Show Lo's home in the drama.
Source : Apple Daily
Translated by o_ost1nao_o


[04/28/2008 蘋果日報]偶像劇帶動好生意






大頭龍蚵仔煎 蚵仔煎要有特色


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Re: [04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

Post by Tonya on Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:07 am

ooh!! I love that house!!!!!!!! <3

really great news ^_^

thanks a lot ^^
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Re: [04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

Post by luoi87 on Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:37 am

I want to go there Very Happy n eat oyster omelet too Razz
I miss CWL so much, hope that they will continue filming CWL2 Crying or Very sad

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Re: [04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

Post by kprincess on Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:42 am

i didn't know it was going to have such a huge impact on their business~
I miss corner with love too!!
been repeating it over and over again~

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Re: [04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

Post by xSHILIN on Tue Apr 29, 2008 9:00 am

i love oyster omelets! haha. i wanna visit that house & the night market too.. D:

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Re: [04/28/2008 - Apple Daily] Idol Dramas Bring Business

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