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[02/08/2008 - Taiwan Apple Daily] Show Gives Out Red Envelopes, $2 Million For Mother

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[02/08/2008 - Taiwan Apple Daily] Show Gives Out Red Envelopes, $2 Million For Mother

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:49 am

Show Gives Out Red Envelopes, $2 Million For Mother


Yesterday was only the first day of the Lunar New Year, but Show “Xiao Zhu” Lo already started working, holding autograph sessions in Pintung, Fengshan Etc. This is his 4th year in a row that he’s spent the New Year’s with his fans, and prepared 1,000 luck charms for them. He’s very good to his fans, but the night before on New Year’s Eve, he played a prank on his mother. He first presented her with $1,200 and told his mother, “Sorry, my money hasn't been transferred into my account yet, so for this year, this is all I have.” His mother facial expressions changed, but Show immediately presented her with a $2 million cash in a red envelope, and Luo Ma also smiled big.
Even when he was giving money to his mother, he never forgot to joke around. Last year, he gave his mother $1 million, but that night, she lost all of it to Show on the mahjong table. This year, he said, “My mom is so tricky. When she lost $1+ million, she started saying that she was hungry, and that her head hurt so she left.”

Buy Albums, Get Hugs
Last year, he earned over $100 million, with his entertainment career extending through music artist, actor, and host; he even has his own line of clothing “Stage.” Thence, he spent another million on red envelopes for his staff. His autograph session had a rule of “Buy 3 Albums For a Picture, Buy 5 Albums for a Hug,” it proved a good method, as he signed more than a thousand CDs.
On New Year’s Eve, the record company proclaimed new generation “Dance King” got together with family (10+ people) and played “Shi Ba La,” a dice gambling game.
He jokingly said, “I’m not even kidding, I played like a little over 10 times, and at least half of those times, it came up “Five,” I really am a “Five/Dance” King [note : “five” and “dance” are pronounced the same way in Mandarin.]

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Source: Taiwan Apple Daily
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

【2008/02/08 台灣蘋果日報】小豬給紅包吊胃口 送娘200萬

【吳禮強╱台北報導】昨才大年初一,羅志祥(小豬)就開工在屏東、鳳山等地辦簽唱會,這 是他連續4年和粉絲共度春節,現場準備了1000個幸福御守發送。他對歌迷好,前晚除夕夜卻惡搞老媽,因為他先拿出1200元紅包,跟羅媽說:「對不起, 錢還沒進戶頭,今年只能先這樣。」讓羅媽臉色大變,他趕緊送上200萬元的現金大紅包,羅媽也跟著笑逐顏開。


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Re: [02/08/2008 - Taiwan Apple Daily] Show Gives Out Red Envelopes, $2 Million For Mother

Post by Killer_smile on Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:11 am

wow he spent 1 million for his staffs....woowow thats alot yeah...orrhhh the stack is getting bigger and bigger every year...wooww GO GOG GGO Xiao Zhu..hope u will able to win it back..LOL
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