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[03/31/2008 - UDN] Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"

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[03/31/2008 - UDN] Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:30 am

Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"


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Show "Xiao Zhu[Little Pig]" Lo's father Lo Chung Ching had passed away 2 years ago due to liver cancer. A few days ago, at the filming of GTV's idol drama "Hot Shot," Show suddenly yelled, "I see my dad!" The director and staff crew thought that all the filming had gotten to Show's head. But it turned out that Show had excitedly grabbed one of the actor's whose jersey had an embroidered name on it and said, "Look you guys, he and my father share the same first and last name."

That day, Show not only immediately took a picture with that basketball player, but also immediately posted it on his blog, and then left a message titled "An Unexpected Fortune" and said, "In the days of filming drama, this was my happiest day." And he also wrote about "In middle school, I was really fat. Always getting picked on by my classmates. One day I told my father that I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to become handsome and not get bullied by classmates. During that time, my father would accompany me in playing basketball to lose weight...Even until now I still cherish that happy memory with my father."

In "Hot Shot," there are many basketball playing sequences, so the TV crew had especially invited many high school basketball teams to collaborate and film. No one ever thought that only until the filming process was almost complete, that there would be such a surprise. Show expressed that this scene, he and that basketball player that shared the same name as his father were playing basketball together, it felt like he had gone back in time to when he was younger and playing basketball with his father. It had made him exceptionally happy, and even when he dunked, he felt that he was exceptionally charming/handsome.

Source: UDN
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

【2008/03/31 聯合報】拍籃球火 小豬驚喜看到「爸」

【聯合報╱記者褚姵君/台北報導】 2008.03.31 05:02 am

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S.F.C. Family
S.F.C. Family

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Re: [03/31/2008 - UDN] Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"

Post by Tonya on Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:50 am

oohh.. when I read this news .. I feel so happy for xiao zhu ^^
he's adorable...
jia you man!!! your dad is always by your side ^^
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Stage Hands

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Re: [03/31/2008 - UDN] Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"

Post by nato_jung on Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:47 am

when I read a news about that........extremely make I love him more and more more originally Embarassed

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Re: [03/31/2008 - UDN] Filming "Hot Shot", Show Lo Surprised to See "Dad"

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