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[03/14/2008 - Sichuan News] Show Lo Is Rejoice's First Male Spokesperson

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[03/14/2008 - Sichuan News] Show Lo Is Rejoice's First Male Spokesperson

Post by o_ost1nao_o on Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:38 pm

Show Lo Is Rejoice's First Male Spokesperson


Last week Jia Cheng was filled with a romantic atmosphere. Rejoice's first celebrity spokesperson, Show "Xiao Zhu[Little Pig] Lo" made his first appearance as the brand's ambassador, and personally arrived at the Le Gou Chao Shi to give Shanghai consumers a surprise. At the event, Show seemed very excited, not only did he happily play with his fans, he also shared the stage with a female drummer in a drumming competition. During the interaction, Show shared his experience with this brand, and very openly shared his standards for his ideal girl. It just happens that the outgoing, happy-go-lucky, energetically filled Show Lo, likes girls with 2 special traits. She has to have an oriental girl's natural beauty and elegance, and secondly she has to like animals. When Rejoice presented Show with a unique gift---"Yi Chu, Shun Jian Xin Dong [Moved at First Touch]" recording, the usually cool, high fashioned Show Lo exclaimed with surprise. It was the newest touch-screen digital photo frame, where they had very thoughtfully recorded Show's Rejoice commercial filmed in Bangkok, photos and photos of "Moving Moments."

Source: Sichuan News
Translated by o_ost1nao_o

【2008/03/14 成都商報】羅志祥成為飄柔首位男性代言人




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Re: [03/14/2008 - Sichuan News] Show Lo Is Rejoice's First Male Spokesperson

Post by Tonya on Sat Mar 15, 2008 8:30 am

wao.. he want really a complete girl... O.O
anyway.. I like so much the animals soo.. X°°D
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